Your passion, our beats to the shop


In 2009, PS Recordz was founded by 2 cousins with a passion for Hip Hop beats and an ambition to start making music themselves. A year later a third cousin joined and made the team complete.

We started with dropping some beats on YouTube, where we received great feedback, which made sure we continued to make more beats with even more passion. A couple years later we started selling out beats to you, our fans, so that you can make it your own and put your emotion, passion and dedication in it. For us, making music is a great way of creating something unique and everlasting, and that we can share our passion with you makes it perfect!

We aim to release music every couple of weeks. You can find all our beats on the Store page, where you can lease them or buy them directly, meaning you can use them temporarily and with some limitations, or you can outright own the track fully, allowing you to tailor it to your style perfectly.


If you're interested in working with us, don't hesitate to send us a message here on the website or any of our social channels.